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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We Have A Ramp!!!

Not the spring time vegetable, though I imagine it’s available at the Golden Harvest or Fresh Markets.

No, the wheelchair accessible type. The temporary kind you don’t need a freaking permit for. Steve (friend from work) and Brett (husband of friend from work) installed it yesterday and as unlovely as the weather was -- it was SNOWING!! -- we went outside to test it out. It works fantastically well. Today we may even amble over to the Masonic lot, on the corner, with the dog.

I can also now make a cup of tea on my own. Unlock and lock the back door. Load the dishwasher, but not unload it... Mobility and functionality come slowly, but they are coming.

Next week I have a meeting with the hyperbaric specialist. Dr. B had never heard of hyperbaric treatment for necrosis, but he was on the phone right away with the local specialist, and their office didn’t seem too surprised as to what was bringing me in. Fingers crossed,eh?


Blogger Dale said...

Hi Lisa,

Ok...How is the ramp working? We all missed you at the Flyball Tourney in Dover!! I hope all is going well.

6:07 PM  

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