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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sometimes you feel like posting...

Somedays you know you should. Like when Dorothy reminded me I had not posted since before Easter.

All I can say is it's been a busy week, with social workers, VNAs, spiritual care people, friends coming to walk Vix (hi, Lynne and Abby!).

But let's see, I had my first consult re: hyperbaric treatment this week. Took 3 hours (!) but the exchange of info was useful. Basically, they know they have something useful in hyberbaric, they just don't know ALL the uses yet. Yes, the increased bloodflow can be a good thing -- if it doesn't increase vascularization to what exists of the remaining tumor, making it grow. That would be a bad thing. But investigating this is a long process. And I think Dr. Rocket wants to be part of it, so I am going to email Joe about that. and IF we do the process...a big IF, it don't start til June, after our trip to Madison.

Before I get into that, though, I want to point out that we're going to see how the Termadore does, and make our decision based a lot on that, though I want to remind people I have had great response to all chemo in the past.

Anyway, for Madison! We're renting an accessible mini-van! So I will be comfortable, and able to swing out as necessary. This is huge! It makes me look forward to the trip. And Elaine, M's mom, is likely coming with us. Stay tuned!


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