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Friday, April 14, 2006

Some days are better/rough/different than others...

Well, some days are better than others. We got a new, light-weight chair today which has swappable arms that make work a lot easier... but the seat seems less substantial, it's lighter, making transfers skitsier... You can imagine. The other truly excellent thing about this chair is that it has raisable leg rests, which should cut down on the foot swelling. There is much to love about this chair, and maybe the PT can teach us how to work it to truly love it. I suspect she can. We had an OT here this AM, and she was really lovely and brought us wonderful things so I can pick up stuff, and move my legs and all. But her methods were not as useful as those we went through with Cathy, the PT. Every nurse and PT we have seen has endorsed the methods we're using and helped us fine-tune them. Barbara, the OT, wanted us to try new methods and maybe I'm just a scaredy cat, but the "old" methods are as fast and efficient, seems to me.

Then there is the work front. I'm considering a ms on acting and spirituality. Seems to me when an editor shows enough interest to make comments on your intro, you make at least some of the changes before sending it back? But I got 2 versions of the same file, no changes. Fine, they went off to the readers like that.

And then there is the spiritual book on writing/performing monologues that needs to be more teaching, less preaching. It's bought and scheduled, and I am hoping she is listening to what I say about changes, because it will make for a better, more concise book, without losing the valuable material.

Besides the fact that everyone from outside the office is surprised I am trying to work full time....

Vixen is doing well; she is wonderful! I have someone coming in from the office three times a week to walk her. Lynne has taken one of Mary's classes, so she is about the only person I trust to walk my little girl. That will be different when Sue and Shirley visit, as they so kindly have said they will. Of course I trust either of them with Vix -- they've both taught her!

Anyway, Easter promises to be quiet. My sisters are coming up to pot the roses I bought and bring a clematis that we requested. It should be quite nice!


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