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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ok. Where are we?

More specifically, where's my foot? Is it on the ground? Is it flat, pointing the right way?

This is the most frustrating thing. A week ago I managed with a cane. I now slowly get round with a 3-sided walker. It is in its way, as our friend Stephe said, kind of like a stroke, given the relative suddenness with which it happened. It being the loss of mobility. On Monday, I agreed to get a commode and yes I can now say that without blushing. Coming downstairs Tuesday was tricky, but that was all. Going upstairs last night was hell. Coming down this morning was worse -- we shall be sleeping on the sleep sofa down here til our friends come in and move the bedroom from upstairs to downstairs... the bathroom and kitchen are on the first floor, you see. So Melissa gets to decorate our old bedroom as her office... one understands it is going to be a grotto of some sort. Strange to think it's going to be hard to see. Me, I'm in charge of the new bedroom, which I call modified club. No, not dark wood panelling, but many different horse photos, some by Barbara, some found here and there. Two ornate bookcases from an unfinished furniture store will act as headboard and night stands. Reading light will be better -- though there are no inset light fixtures there, we can add lamps as necessary.

Did you know -- you probably did -- there are special chairs for people who cycle? Play tennis? Rugby? All of the above? I've even seen paralympic curling! But this could clear up, too, one neurology report says it might well. But damn it, I might as well have fun despite it all.

I'll miss my old office upstairs. You see, we live in a Cape, and my office was a weird little space. Everything down here is so four square. But I'm here, Melissa is here, Vixen, Trouble, Tenzing, Grendel, and Floyd are here, my horse pictures are here, and my friends are here. It's just -- frustrating.


Blogger Lisa said...

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10:41 AM  
Anonymous Don Sakers said...

With some drywall, paint, plaster, and paint, we could install slanting walls and ceilings to make the dining room more like your old office... :)


6:04 PM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

Sheesh. Do they make claw-footed, or hand-footed, or other stylish walkers?? Can't remember seeing one that wasn't strictly utilitarian. Maybe you could install a webcam of some sort, so you could keep track of the grotto decor?

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gah! I'm so sorry to hear about the new trouble. Things seemed to have been going better. I hope things do improve -- the brain is such a bizarre organ, and anyone who says we know everything there is to know about it is in some strange fantasyland.


11:10 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Jude, I hope you leave your email at my home address ( -- would love to communicate with you!

Thanks, Don -- may just take you up on the dining room!

Susanna, remember, I live with an SF writer -- it's all a mechanical porblem, LOL!

Lots of pix are being taken, and will be posted. WHat we need is a really good digital photo camera -- stay tuned. Susanna, see you in Madison!

Love to you all --


8:35 PM  

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