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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back on the Ste-roids Again...

Or, "My Appetite is Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble...."

So. Ever since I tumped over, you may recall, I've been feeling uncertain on my legs. Got worse middle of last week when my left foot went numb. Monday went to the doctor. Wednesday morning had an MRI -- only 2 days before my scheduled one.

Propriaception -- the brain doesn't know where my left foot is. Cause -- likely radiation necrosis.

Jeezums, here we go again! I now have a cane and a walker -- I may be getting a better, luxe model of walker if my insurance approves. I am probably going to temporarily move my office space in work to the first floor. The bathrooms and the kitchen are all on the first floor, damn it.

It could get worse. It could stabilize. It could, according to one study in the neurology journal, get better. According to it, onset of symptoms is severe and abrupt, and then they can go away again. May take 18 months... may not. May not get better. But the cerebellum is a balance center, not a cognitive one. Which means my ability to do the Monday and Tuesday NY Times crosswords should not be impaired.

Owning a herding dog, however.... this could be a battle of wits in any event! Luckily, Vix is listening to Melissa, whom she (Vixen) has never viewed as an alpha and who (Vix) I think needs a refresher course.

My mood is not the best, as you can imagine. But


Blogger Dale said...


Perhaps we could send you some creative bumper stickers for the Luxe-model walker! And a cane could useful for wacking those obnoxious folks who post naughty comments! I am sure there is a bright side somewhere in all this....and I am determined to help you find it.

The battle is never easy, but focusing on the positive is a good place to start. My doctors are much more focused on the ditch than the I let them worry about all the things that could happen and I take care of the daily stuff!! And even on my best days, I can't do crosswords!!!

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