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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

TV Commercials

I like commercials -- good ones, of course, as everyone would be quick to add. What makes one good and one lame, well, that is largely subjective. But recently Volkswagen switched ad agencies, and it's showing up in the commercials. You may remember that VW ran a very quirky series of ads, largely inclusive (which is to say one of those couples was gay; we didn't see many women in them, though).

How, however, the new ad agency has decided -- or VW has decided -- to go after a different demographic. From the 2/28/06 NY Times:
VOLKSWAGEN Strange spots introduced a bizarre character named Fast, symbolizing the need for speed when behind the wheel of the new GTI sold by Volkswagen of America. The commercials were compelling but sexist; only men drove the car and all the women were portrayed as annoying whiners. Gold for getting noticed, lead for sensitivity. Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, part of MDC Partners.

Being a woman I didn't find them all that fascinating. While I was tempted to buy a VW back when the gay couple took the sofa off the curb (and soon regretted it), I am not only not even remotely tempted by the new GTI, hell, I'm blogging about the ads. The ad I want to see is where a woman gets fed up with Fast and hurls him from the car while it's travelling at 90 mph, or pulls it from the front seat and stomps that sucker flat.


Blogger Dale said...

Right on Lisa! I cannot stand the new VW ads. The drivers wanted was really their last good ad campaign. This one is a bit creepy and certainly not geared to our demographic....female, gay, cultured, educated, and able to spot a bad commercial!

How is the noggin?


1:42 PM  
Blogger blogdog said...

I loved the "stinky chair" ad, cheesy '80s instrumental music and all. Is Fast that "Eurotrash" guy in the white suit played by Peter Stormare (one of the bad guys in "Fargo" and a former Bergman mainstay), or am I thinking of another VW ad campaign? (I fast-forward through commercials.)

1:05 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Eeek, no, it's not that one. You can see one of the clips at

If you want to. He's a nasty little plastic gargoyle with a demonic voice and a bad attitude towards women, I'm afraid. VW seems to have decided that drivers are NOT wanted. Let me tell you about my Honda... :-)

12:58 PM  

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