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Friday, February 24, 2006

Physical Therapy

First off -- congratulations to the US Men's Curling Team on their bronze medal. Well done, gentlemen, and hope to see you at the Worlds in April.

Also on Friday, I started up physical therapy again. I used to have chronic back pain. I went to George the miracle physical therapist (hereinafter PT) for about six weeks, and felt great. Good enough to start riding lessons. Laura, my teacher, competes in dressage, so balance and centering are key --and very good for one's back and muscles.

What is not good for one's back and muscles? Being virtually inactive for, oh, eight months. Not completely inactive. I do some chores around the house. I go to work. I walk Vixen, but where we used to walk 3 miles a day, we (I) do a half mile now. Which George actually says is a good distance for me right now, thank heavens. So I know George will be able to help. It may not always be fun...

I was right, the man is a sadist. A PT god. A dear, funny, talented sadist, but a sadist. Basically it seems that everything connected with the sciatic nerve that could be inflamed is inflamed. He asked many questions, did reflex tests, did some traction work, showed me how I could do same at home, showed me how I can lie on my side without pain... I was there about 90 minutes. Crap, I've lost a lot in the past 8 months, but it seems to me especially so in the last four weeks or so, but that's probably because of that muscle finally deciding it had had it. I mean, I can't get up from a crouch without help, or something to pull myself against. I'll be seeing him twice a week for a while. As I said, he thinks walking a half mile a day, which is what I do with Vix, is perfect for me right about now (phew!). And I have to ice my back 2-3 times a day. It's freaking freezing out! The idea of pressing a pack of ice against the small of my back is not attractive... but I am doing it. See? I am capable of following orders, even if Melissa doesn't think so.

And hey, he likes curling, too, has even been curling. Once. This guy's a gem. A sadist, but a gem.

It really does take it out of one, though. I'm glad it's the weekend. I was going to go shopping with Melissa after my appointment, but I just let her drive me home. This worried me, though, because she had to go to the fish market. Which is right next door to the yarn store. I figured I was doomed, but she turned up trumps and didn't even go to the yarn store -- which, given that she is nowhere near finished her project for the Knitting Olympics is a darned good thing! (You want all the gruesome details, check out her blog).

And of course, we got 9 inches of snow yesterday. Which makes walking more difficult, especially on brilliantly sunny days like today. Complain, complain, complain! :-)


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