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Monday, January 23, 2006

No clever title

(I sometimes think the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a moderately intelligent title for a post... I had one when I started, then Netscape ate my post and I have completely forgotten what the title was.)

Today is January 23. 26 years ago, I ran into Melissa, whom I had met a few months before, coming o out of Science Fantasy Bookstore (now Pandemonium) in Cambridge. We spent the next several hours talking -- and we're still talking.

One year ago was the start of the Blizzard of 2005. I was also two treatments into my fractionated radio-surgery. Fractionated -- a full (or nearly) dose of radiation right to the tumor, delivered in five doses. I had had the first two on Thursday and Friday. We drove home on Friday and picked up Vixen. Then it became clearer and clearer that the bulk of the snowstorm would hit late Saturday and all day Sunday -- and my appointment for treatment was for 8:30 Monday morning. In Dartmouth.

We took the dog back out to the kennel and headed back up to Dartmouth on Saturday. We got there just as the first flakes started flying. We unpacked, then headed over to the Food Co-op to pick up food for dinner -- and, truth be told, some junk food, but luckily, Melissa had a package of sushi in the basket when we ran into Dr. Hartford so we could pretend to be eating healthily. The next day, Sunday, was the 23rd, and it snowed and snowed. Up at Dartmouth, we got only ten inches, as opposed to the two feet we got on the coast. Forget the radiation, the one thing I was not looking forward to was shoveling out when we got home. but when we did get home, Wednesday afternoon, my friend Eric -- friend and gentleman Eric --had shoveled out our back walk, enabling us to get into the house.

WHy all this backstory? Last Friday, January 20th, I went out to Wentworth-Douglass for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Singh. I was able to bring the radiologist’s report from my MRI two days earlier.

He said (a) he could tell I was doing much better than the last time he had seen me (during treatment) just by looking at me -- I looked more myself --and he also said the rate of the tumor’s shrinkage was excellent. He also said that the various problems I’ve been experiencing have been caused by (a) the swelling of healthy tissue in the brain as a direct result of the radiation, a completely normal occurrence and (b) the decadron. Yes, folks, two weeks after I was taken off it, I was still wrestling with that ol’ demon decadron. I asked Dr. Singh (almost hopefully!) whether I should go back on the decadron for a spell, or to be macho and tough it out.

He suggested I tough it out, for a few days at least. So, I’m being tough.

It was a very positive follow-up, just what I needed just, as they say, what the doctor ordered. I hope it, and the MRI, are signs that 2006 is going to be, health-wise at least, a lot less “challenging” than 2005 was.

(And it is snowing again, but nothing like last year!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on 26 years! And on the fact that the tumor is shrinking. I hope your other problems even out soon -- it all sounds so very unpleasant.


11:00 AM  
Anonymous alexandra said...

WOW! I'm blown away by the 26 years and yes, congrats. Also, sad to hear about the cancer and hope that's under control or at least on the rails and soon to be a thing of the past. :-(

Nice to find another couple out there writing SF together too. :-)

3:17 PM  

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