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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It's happened -- and I'm thrilled! I was mentioned on a blog I really admire -- blogdog (in case you missed the link last time!).

How can you not love a site that has such great photos of beardies? And while I don't even knit, I love yarn (I don't quilt, either, and love going to quilt shops), and love reading about people's projects. I know, it must seem weird enjoying something so very vicariously -- after all, one can certainly learn to knit, either well or not, as opposed to say, driving a stock car (Melissa is talking to the auto museum in Saratoga about showing her one of their 1930s cars up close and personal for a book she's working on.). But there is something so very peaceful about it all... well, ok, not to read Yarn Harlot.

It sounds as though Dale and Karen had an outstanding (and remarkably restrained) trip to Patternworks. Melissa is officially a very becoming shade of green with envy. Couple that with the fact that our mad friend Susie (another IBC survivor) lives in Wolfeboro, and it's sounding like a road trip from the seacoast sometime in the not too distant future.

Not right away, though, as we're visiting our dear friend Jeff up at the Spa over King Day weekend. I warned him Melissa wants to also visit two yarn shops up there, and bless him, he said he was ok with that as he spent a lot of time in yarn shops with his ex-wife (!) and his late mother. We pointed out to each other that one of the stores is almost next door to a very fine used bookstore. Something for everyone! Including, we hope, a visit with a friend who is probably one of the two foremost equine photographers, and a visit to a farm which is standing at stud (a) the most gorgeous horse we have ever seen who also (b) happens to have an incredibly sweet temperament, which is very unusual in an intact male who has been breeding for a couple of seasons.

Yarn. Horsehair. It's all fiber.

And next month is Boskone, for the science fiction fans among you. Melissa is going to go down for a day -- as soon as we know what her schedule might be, we'll post it here, on the official Pointsman website, and on her own site(s).

So I want to thank Karen for inspiring me to fulfill one of my New Year's resolutions, which was to post more frequently, and especially for the kind words on the writing.


Blogger Dale said...

Hi Lisa!
It is always good to see you blogging and to know that you and Melissa are planning some fun trips in the New Year. Hope your trip to the Spa was good and relaxing!

7:39 AM  
Blogger blogdog said...

You're most welcome, Lisa. You're even more of an inspiration than I could aspire to be! Thanks for the kind words about the blog! Come see the new addition!

11:13 PM  

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