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Friday, December 09, 2005

Winter's here!

For those not on the qui vive with things with me, I am two rounds away from completing whole brain radiation. DO NOT GOOGLE WBR it will give you nightmares, but we found some excellent sites, and Dr. Singh is very happy with the way things are going. From a massive four Decadron a day (the dose they give you on Mt. Everest, I am down to two. And as I said, my last treatment in Tuesday morning. Celebration is either going to be at Case Espresso, Sake, Pesce Blue, or Outback (we have no indie steakhouses anymore and I love prime rib). The side effects (fatigue, etc, will last for another ten days. Who knows how long the hair will take to grow back, probably around 6 months. Luckily -- DG, you would LOVE this -- there's a new yarn store just opened down in Rye, next town down, and Melissa has a great book of hat patterns. I am wearing one made of a black merino tape. It's is very neat -- and quite warm, which is the key thing!

And yes I am doing NY Times crosswords to keep ye old short term memory loss at bay, though even that seems less than feared. Good excuse to do crosswords, though.

So, there I be! Looking forward to being completely fixed in '06!

Love to you all --



Anonymous nascar drivers said...

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7:31 AM  
Blogger Dale said...

Great news Lisa!! I know nothing about Nascar, but I do know about being bald in the winter...hats are key!! I wore them everywhere but the shower...I hated being cold and heat loss out the ole noggin was torture. I am sure you look fabulous in the hats Melissa is crafting for you. I look forward to pictures! Good luck with those Crossword puzzles and enjoy Tuesday! There is nothing quite like seeing the radiation clinic in the rear view mirror!
Big hugs, Dale

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Don Sakers said...

GREAT NEWS! This has been a long and strange trek, blazing new frontiers in medicine (hey, it's the Barnett way), but all journeys must end and I'll bet you're glad this one is almost over.

As for the celebration, wow, tough call. My vote is start at Sake for appetizers, segue to Outback for the prime rib, and then dessert and drinks at Pesce Blue. But I'm not wedded to that agenda.

Love, Don

4:00 PM  

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