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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005 -- Year of the Blog?

I know these things have been around for a while, but I was just taking a spin through my current favorites -- among them my friend Dale's, her friend Karen's... There's also the wonderfully smart and insurgent Redneck Mother. My author and friend Chris started one called My Uninformed Opinion-- he writes books on theatre for me, but he is a cogent critic of current journalism and politics.
Melissa has one with a couple of entries, and she keeps promising to do more, and has some great matters to write about. Jeff has, I think, one entry. He is a beautiful writer. In fact, his ONE entry was good enough to get him a guest appearance (paying, thank you) in The Blood-Horse magazine (for us Thoroughbred racing fans).

All of these were started either at the very end of 2004, or in 2005. I guess we all had stuff to write about. Heaven knows I did, though it all ended up being rather different from what I had planned in January... or April. But as I said in the last entry, right now things are good. I hope to be writing more about writing, gardening... you know, every day life... in 2006. Starting with a planned weekend road trip to visit Spajeff... and maybe that handsome stud Mayakovsky, out at Mill Creek Farm!

The other thing I have discovered -- blogs that cover not only dog training, but knitting (or the other way round). I don't know how to knit, alas -- never learned, but Melissa did learn, from my mom, and like both Dale and Karen, this year she made a bunch of very handsome and comfortable socks for Christmas presents. Me, I'm still waiting for my pair.


Blogger Dale said...

Blogs are great! I love reading other Blogs, even more than reading newspapers lately. Sue should definitely have a Blog for the POC... Enjoy your much deserved vacation at Spajeff...I look forward to the all details in your next Blog post!

10:52 AM  

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