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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This is how I warned my colleagues yesterday...

On the day I reached the halfway point of my treament.

I am grumpy, and I am going to be bald.

So please forgive me for the next few weeks. The bald I can deal with (if I have to, to quote Red Green), but the current dose of 16 mg of Decadron a day is something else. (Melissa has already made me one stylin’ new hat, and she’s going to be awfully busy for a while. I think the most disconcerting thing was reading, “You will lose your hair. It may or may not come back.” Argh!!!)

I am undergoing whole brain radiation to get rid of a few pesky remnants. I am halfway through treatment as of today. Yes, there is champagne on the agenda. I finish up on December 2, and I hope to be tapering off the steroid this week, but Decadron does lead to mood swings, so if I utter a less than cheery good morning in the mail room, please know it has nothing to do with you – everyone here has been outstanding through a very long period of this. I was talking with Connie, my radiation tech this morning, and we were both saying how very fortunate I am to work in such an office, with such understanding, and with such supportive colleagues.

Thank you all. You’re the best Thanksgiving present a soon to be bald and already grumpy woman could have. ;-)

And that goes for the people -- most of them, anyway, who read and respond to my blog. Thanks for your support. We're out there, kickin' butt!


Blogger Dale said...


Hair really is over rated!! Hair or no hair you are still you and friends will understand that. I knew when I lost my hair that others would just have to adjust...I was dealing with enough, others would have to work through their stuff. And they did! My co-workers were awesome about even shaved his head and some others cut their hair really short. We are all cheering you on as you complete the second half of treatment!! You go girl!!!


10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely still reading and still in the cheering section! I'm sure that you have your ups and downs in real life, but your tone here is so amazingly and consistently uplifting that all I can do is admire you.

*waves pom-poms wildly*


2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been following your progress on your blog. Cheering for you as you complete the second half of treatment. You're an inspiration to all of us in Piscataqua Obedience Club!!!

11:09 AM  

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