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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The sports of the weekend

Well, it was a good weekend for sports, locally speaking. While Harvard was losing the game in the third, we switched over to TVG to watch the running of the Stuyvesant, in which our friends Joe & Mary Grant had two of their boys, Dr. Rockett and the ever classy Evening Attire running. Well, with new jockey Jose Santos aboard, Attire ran his race, rating close to the leaders, and got the win.

When we switched back to the game, Harvard had tied it up! And won in Ivy League's first triple OT. A winning season, to be sure.

Then the next dday, Tony Stewart won his second NASCAR championship. I am so happy for Tony -- the move from Lake Charlotte, where all the big name drivers live, back to Columbus, IN., has made a huge impact, and he seems much happier this year.

Jack Roush is a whining baby. Kust Busch made a bad mistake, but Roush is not acting like a grown-up about it all. I am delighted his teams were defeated by Tony in his Joe Gibbs racing 2 car team.


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