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Friday, October 21, 2005

Vacations and emergency rooms

Well, Provincetown was lovely, as always, even though the weather did not allow for sitting on the beach, reading. It didn't rain much during the day, but it was windy and just not nice weather. What was pretty cool was that a friend of a friend had a show opening at a new gallery down there on Friday night, so we went and introduced ourselves. There was another artist there who is a columnist for the local paper -- Jeanne McCartin -- who had interviewed Melissa a few years back, so they reconnected, too. It was a little colony of seacoast New Hampshire-ites there in P'town.

But Saturday afternoon, I noticed my left eye was sore, and Sunday morning, it was swollen almost shut, so we left a day early -- a day on which the sun was actually shining, waaahhh! -- and drove back to Portsmouth. I ended up at the emergency room with a pretty severe eye infection. Luckily it's in my blind eye anyway, but my eye was very swollen and the muscle that enables my eye to move side to side is involved.

I had a very good emergency room doctor, who called my opthamologist, and he prescribed steroid drops. The drops worked wonderfully well, within a few days. The muscles in the eye are still sore so I'm not driving yet. Hopefully, I will be some time next week.

But I had been so excited by the prospect of a vacation, a real one, time away from home without doctors, and where do I end up? Same thing happened in August, in Saratoga, when I had what's called a "hypotensive" event -- my blood pressure was way too low and I about passed out while we were visiting a local farm. It's making me wary of vacations!


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