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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hunh. Getting mad seems to have helped.

I had chemo last Friday, and like half the other sessions, I had to start by going to radiology and having them access the damn reservoir. In fact, three of us -- Dr. Pierce, Dr. Bonnem, and myself -- seem to have come to the same conclusion independently: the selker reservoir moves. Not a lot, it just shifts under the skin, so that the point of access is never the same. So tattooing the spot wouldn't help. I was on the verge of suggesting to Dr. Bonnem that before my next treatments, we make an appointment with radiology, so they'll at least be expecting me.

Well, Dr. Bonnem came in and said that since the cerebral spinal fluids had come back clean the past several times (I think the was my 7th or 8th treatment), since the protein and glucose were doing what they were supposed to, there were no white blood cells showing up, presumably because there's nothing there to fight, and since he had sent the last sample of CSF to the pathology lab, and they had found NO TRACE OF TUMOR CELLS, we would make this my last chemo. Instead, I'll go in every three weeks for a check-up. They can draw the CSF from the reservoir, and yes, I have an appointment first with radiology. I consider myself lucky to have the damn reservoir though, since it obviates the need for a spinal tap.

This leaves me free and clear for our annual October trip to Provincetown! I am still a little unsteady on my feet on uneven surfaces (like dirt, sand... sigh), but I am still going to the Beech Forest and hang out with those ballsy little chickadees who are a kind of role model for me, they're so tough.

Right now, as of this moment, I consider myself cancer-free. Titless and cancer-free, as Melissa and I were joking when I had my mastectomy. Much more fun even than being footloose and fancy-free!


Anonymous Danny said...

Oh boy, that is goooood news! So happy to hear it. Have a fantastic time in Provincetown. Will you see any theatre while you're there? I just read something about a play called "And Sophie Comes Too" by Meryl Cohen which sounds very funny.

1:18 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's great news! I hope your wobbliness clears up soon and things stay clear. Have a great time in P-town -- I hope it doesn't continue to monsoon on Massachusetts like it did this weekend (and is projected to do for the rest of this week, yeargh).


1:37 PM  

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