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Friday, September 09, 2005

Thera-putty -- it's fun!

It's green and pliable. It has no discernible scent. It stretches awfully well. And it's called Thera-putty, and I love it. George, the world's best PT, gave me a small container of it today to build up strength and muscles in my left hand, which has been weakened, ostensibly by cubital tunnel, but I also fear by some of those phantom tumors created by the tumors in the CSF. And yet, my last test of the fluids was clear.

The bad thing about Thera-putty is that it reminds me of this awesome fudge Melissa bought me up at Saratoga, down to the shade of green AND the container it's kept in. A ridiculously tempting shade of green! The texture is pretty good, too.


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