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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Second chemo down...

I had my second chemo today, and once again, the reservoir proved almost too difficult to locate. I was afraid I'd be shuffled off to radiology again so they could find it and access it for us. But Dr. Bonnem did indeed find it, and I came through it no worse for wear. Had some nausea last week; this week I took a Zofran before the chemo, and when I came home, I took a compazine and had a cup of tea, all of which seem to have helped.

Greg said something on the way out -- to the effect that I'm already ding really well. I wonder if he had the fluid tested and maybe there were fewer tumor cells in it already? That would be very cool, indeed.

Only bummer is that my chemo next Monday is scheduled for 1:30, and I had hoped to get to Saratoga in time for lunch. Now we'll barely bake it in time for dinner. But it also looks as though Barbara's signing at The Lyrical Ballad may not take place that night, so I can catch her at the Fasig-Tipton sale the next evening. Not to mention at Joe's party.

The reservoir, for those who were wondering, really IS a reservoir. Dr. Bonnem ops it up every week, and the chemo drips down into my brain over the week. He also told me there's no need to have this removed, as I did with the port.

Oh, and he removed the sutures from my scalp, so I look marginally less goofy now! I still need to get out to EPONA, to see who looks badder -- Blessed or me. I think I have this one locked up, frankly. :-)