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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Aggressive Affirmations, margaritas and green tea

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. A follow-up MRI at DHMC showed that the damn tumor has grown again, slightly. And this time, we're not treating it with radiation. This time, it IS brain surgery! No, of course I'm not thrilled by the prospect, but what I am thrilled by is the opportunity to get rid of this little SOB once and for all. We're going to evict it. It had its chance. Now, we're turfing it out.

Surgery is June 27. And that's only because Dr. Roberts is on vacation until then, otherwise, I would have clamored to have it done sooner. But, hey, a rested and relaxed neurosurgeon is a good thing. We're calling him "Papi," after David Ortiz. We figure Dr. Hartford got us extra bases with the radiosurgery, now it's up to Dr. David "Papi" Roberts to hit one over the fence! Which I feel confident he will.

Of course, the fact that the damn tumor seems to be pressing on a visual pathway, causing me to lose sight in my left eye, is disconcerting, but a couple of people have said that, once the tumor is removed and the pressure relieved, my sight should return to normal. We'll see what the opthamologist at Dartmouth says tomorrow.

I had my monthly check-up with my primary oncologist, Dr. Bonnem. He walked in with the lab reports, which I had done up at Dartmouth. I said, "Before you say anything, the night before I had those done, we went to Margarita's."

"Oh. Well, your liver counts are normal."

"In that case, we went to a Japanese restaurant and had green tea."

"Well, it shows."

He has a very quiet, very dry sense of humor that I appreciate enormously.

The aggressive affirmations? Oh, well, Z, the mental health worker out at PRH, offered me a pre-surgical tape of affirmations. She said the tape consists of a woman reading these lovely affirmations in a beautiful voice that's "almost angelic."

Ummm, can I get a tape of affirmations that get the energy up, that scream at the tumor that this time, it is HISTORY, no more Mr. Nice Guy, this time, I'm playing to win. That kind of thing. Maybe I'll make one. I can't be the only person who would find that more to her taste?