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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Throwing ourselves out first floor windows

That's what one of my neighbors said we'd be doing if it doesn't stop raining soon. I said, heck, I'd probably be throwing myself out of my cellar window.

It's not even a Hundred Year Storm kind of rain -- thank heavens! No, it's mean, persistent, drizzling, soaking, stubborn stuff. Sometimes it actually rains and the rest of the time the air is just wet.

The basil isn't just unhappy, it's about gone. The ferns seem happy. So does the hosta. The Solomon Seal looks ok for now, but the slugs will be showing up any minute now. The tomatoes are waterlogged. I'm waterlogged. Vixen looks up at me with misty eyes when we go out... no wait, those are my glasses that are misted over.

We're supposed to be getting a nor'easter tonight, but I think they were a little off, I think we had it last night. It was a wildly windy night. We lost power for 3-4 hours, the trash barrel decided to take a small trip, the lid got run over... right now, it's downright tranquil out there, just a heavy mist falling.

By the time we see the sun again, I should have one of those gorgeous English complexions!


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