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Monday, May 16, 2005

Mind the Gap

The last time I was at The Stone Church (Music Club) in Newmarket, NH. was two years ago, right before I was scheduled to go in for a biopsy. So, a lot has happened in the interval. Sunday night, I made a triumphant return... no, wait, it was Jon Nolan making the triumphant return, I was just delighted to be there and hearing him and his band rock out.

The music was great. It rocked, it was loud -- but never so loud you couldn't hear the lyrics, and that's good, because Jon's lyrics are some of the best around -- the band was fantastic, all around (Tim McCoy looks like Liev Schreiber playing a bass player. But his bass playing is powerfully good). One glass of wine per set, thank you. Strange to be able to get the Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Riesling as opposed to the cheap jug white they used to serve. But the Bonny Doon is one of the wines now being bottled with screw-tops, as opposed to corks, so maybe that's an homage to divey-ness past.

What was _weird_ though, was the sense that the last time I was there, it was still more like the 20th century, and this was most definitely the 21st, largely because of the intrusive presence of People With Digital Cameras. You never used to see cell phones, camera phones, digital cameras, at a ZuZu gig. Sunday, there was this chick with a tiny digital thing who kept holding it above her head while she checked the view, holding it practically in the faces of the musicians. Heedless, pretty much, of anyone else around her. She was going to get her photos, and that was that. Hee-hee, aren't I cute? The determination would be one thing if she were a journalist. Or the mother of one of the band members. But she wasn't. She had her new toy, and public space became, by rights, HER space while she got her shots. There've always been photographers at the ZuZu shows, sure, and sometimes they'd get down front for their shots, but the folks with the film cameras got in, got their shots, and got out.

Ah, the hell with it. Minor annoyance, just an interesting phenomenon, the tech and cultural gap between the last Say ZuZu concert and Jon's first solo CD release. The music was great. Jon's new songs are outstanding. Here's to the start of many more nights (early nights) at the Church.


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