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Friday, May 06, 2005

Catching Up with a Catch-All Post

No, I still don't have a clue about the Derby. Afleet Alex, Wilko, Bellamy Road, Sun King, Greater Good, and for some reason I now have this nagging feeling that Andromeda's Hero may show up. Where in heck that came from, I have no idea. However, since it's unlikely I'm going to drive through a blinding nor'easter to get to Rockingham Park to place my bets, all that's at stake are bragging rights.

The crabapple trees are now planted, thank you. Since yesterday evening was so pleasant, I took advantage of it, since, see above re: this weekend's forecast weather. If it's Saturday, it must be pouring.

It was hard work -- damn New England soil with all its rocks -- but they're in and, I hope, happy. The sparrows who hang out in the rhododendron seem quite taken with them: they were testing one of them out even before I got it planted. And since we wanted to put in something that will appeal to birds, that's a good sign.

Speaking of birds (smoooth!), I saw a pair of Northern Flickers this morning, hunting for worms across from the Middle School. They're very handsome. I had heard one a week or so ago, but had never seen one. So that was a lovely way to start the day!

The big (really big) mare, Rainbow Blue, is racing tonight at the Meadowlands. Thank heavens they have live video, because the surest bet of the weekend is that TVG won't show it because it is, after all, the day before the Kentucky Derby.

And if I'm wrong about that, I'll be happy to post and say so.


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