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Monday, May 09, 2005

BIG time Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda

If I had realized he was the only gray in the field...

If I had known he was named for Sting's son...

If I had just looked at the PPs and seen that his dam is Set Them Free...

If I had paid attention to the fact that I was listening to Ten Summoner's Tales last week for the first time in YEARS....

I'd'a had the Derby winner.

Who needs past performances when the gods are jumping up and down and waving and going, "Helloooo? How much more do we have to give you???"

It's ok, I never bet on the Derby, anyway, but the bragging rights would have been awesome.

Well, ok, the money would have been even more awesome

To those who view the glass as half empty -- all those who are saying, "This race is a throw-out unless proven otherwise," I say the glass is half full, and the race is legitimate unless proven otherwise. A careful trainer, a talented horse, and a smart jockey can make hair stand on end in the next two races. Or not. That's why they call it horseracing.

Good luck, Giacomo.


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