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Monday, May 23, 2005

Air kisses

I am no horse-whisperer. I am no animal communicator. Wish to hell I were, but I'm not.

Cam is not drinking his water. He's eating his grain, but not drinking. Not eating too much grain. Ron thinks that it might be the weather (have I complained yet about the weather this month? No? Don't worry, I will.), that the cold and damp may have exacerbated his joint problems and have him feeling off.

I had a long talk with him yesterday. Cam got me through chemo, and if he needs me to cheer him along and get him to drink his water, then I will do so. He also needs someone to pick up the cost of his Adequan -- the person who had been underwriting it has died. I'm hoping I can do that for him.

I love this little Standardbred a lot. When I go to his stall, he'll stick his head out and whuffle first one side of my face, then the other. Just like Marylou Whitney, he gives air kisses!

I gave him some carrots yesterday -- they at least have some water in them! -- and he chomped them right down. But I don't know why he would go off his water... unless, like me, he's sick to death of the stuff as it keeps falling from the sky! I'll be out there later this week, to check on him. And give and get air kisses!


Anonymous Danny said...

What a great picture! I can see how such a magnificent creature helped you get through chemo. Seeing the two of you together makes me want to work towards rezoning my inner city L.A. neighborhood for horses! I hope Cam starts drinking soon.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Yikes, I thought I had resized that photo! :-)

Thanks, Danny. Cam is a sweet little guy. You should see him with his buddy Iceman, who towers over him, and is completely blind. The two of them together is a wonderful thing to see.

11:23 AM  

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