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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Horticulture and Automobiles

Did you know that you can fit a crabapple tree, in a 7 gallon container, standing about 6 feet tall, into a Honda Accord?

Nothing really surprises me about the capabilities of a Honda. Nor should I be surprised at anything that Beth, out at Rolling Green, is able to do.

But people watched in awe as we finessed the second crabapple (dwarf variety, Malus Sargentii Tina) into the passenger seat (tilted all the way back) of my beloved 1991 Accord. And getting it out again was a piece of cake!

So now I have two dwarf crabapple trees waiting to be planted out front, where we managed to dig out the two arborvitae. The soil out there is pretty heavy, but we have loads and loads of compost that we can dig in, which Beth says is the best thing.

In other horticultural news, I was out at Home Depot, checking out pavers and mulch, when I found the most wonderful, not to say adorable, certainly whimsical, little plant. The tag simply said Fiber Optic Grass -- yes, grass. And yes, it does look like a fuzzy little fiber optic lamp. It's actually a rush (well, yes, it's a rush to look at, too), Isolepis cernua. Hardy, alas, only in zones 8-10 (I'm ostensibly in 5, but my garden is actually 6). And thank heavens for Google, I have learned it really likes a wet environment. I'll try to treat it as a container plant, instead of as a garden annual.


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