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Thursday, April 14, 2005

An Anniversary

A year ago today, I had fractionated radiosurgery up at Dartmouth-Hitchcock for what I have learned NOT to call a brain tumor. As you know if you've been reading this (no, I promise, there will not be a test), what we treated was a sanctuary site metastasis of the original breast cancer -- that just happened to be in the brain. In the cerebellum. Next to the brain stem.

It was wicked cool, the whole procedure, even having the frame literally screwed onto my head. The Bob Vila School of Neurosurgery, I call it.

That night, we went out to dinner at the wonderful restaurant Grenache (no long with us, alas) with my head swathed in gauze bandages (even when they don't cut your head open, the like to make it look as though they did). The restaurant staff didn't bat an eyelash. As the best restaurant close to the hospital, I imagine they've seen all that and more.

One week from today, I head up there again, for a follow-up MRI. Certainly when I had the stereotactic radiosurgery a year ago, we did not anticipate having to do fractionated radiosurgery this past January. But we did it, and I was in a much more kick-ass frame of mind. This thing is going to be sorry it thought to mess with me.

We're going to turn the trip into a mini-vacation -- we're heading over to Vermont for a few days, staying at a Morgan Horse farm in Stockbridge! I'm hoping mud season isn't too muddy, but I have Muck boots and will bring them if I have to!


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