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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

You've Got Comments!

It's sad, isn't it? Being the type of person who checks her email, and when she finds she doesn't have any... checks it again, to be sure?

I do not want to become that way about comments, but holy cow, I had comments the other day! Danny, bless you for your encouragement, and Don, dude, you have always been there for me and my writing!

Don's take on blog posts (entries... things) was interesting, and similar to a debate I've sort of had with a member of Horseboard. He hates emoticons. And I think he views posting on a board very specifically as writing and within the meaning of the act, it is.

But most people, I think, view it as keyboarded conversation. And also, most people are not adept at conveying precisely their tone and meaning with pinpoint accuracy. So, if you're "saying" something that has any kind of a twist to it, emoticons are useful tools.

I view posting on a board more like conversation, and delight in really good emoticons. Some of the members of Horseboard find some terrific ones. My favorite in the arsenal of ones available for our use over there is the dancing banana. Don't ask, but it's very useful.

But I view blogging very much as writing. And that carries with it its own freight and responsibilities. Well, responsibility may not be the right word, or I shouldn't suggest that I'm not very, very careful indeed about what I post on a board. Because I view it as conversation, I make sure not to post anything I would be unwilling to say to someone's face.

So that could be why I'm slower with blog entries than I am to fire off an opinion on this year's Derby contenders...


Anonymous Don Sakers said...

Interesting distinction -- and potentially a very useful one -- between posts on a board and blog entries. I think you're on to something: in the great continuum between Conversation (on one end) and Writing (on the other), I too think of board postings as more toward the Conversation end, and blog entries as more toward the Writing end.

I also note, without quite knowing the significance, that commenting on someone else's blog entry feels to me more toward the Conversational end....

2:56 PM  
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