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Thursday, March 31, 2005

That Time of Year

When you host a message board populated by the most colorful group of people this side of Damon Runyon, the national holiday becomes not the Fourth of July, or Victoria Day, or Thanksgiving, but April Fool's. That's when the pressure is on. The pressure to create stories that walk the fine line between absurdity and plausibility. And the few that tumble over into the, "Oh, come on, if you believed this one, I've got a statue you might be interested in." My unindicted co-conspirators, as I like to call them, are capable of much subtler humor than I am, so I leave the more plausible stories to them. One is a whiz with Photoshop. Another brings a wealth of experience as a lawyer, a journalist, and now a lobbyist, which is to say, he brings a rich sense of the absurd. One of my stalwarts might not be able to help out this year, buried as he is in the sands of academe. Or possibly the Racing Form, I'm not sure which.

All I know is, the heat is on tonight. (Yeah, I know, I've known April 1st has been coming for a while now, so why wait to the last minute? Ask Charlie Brown.)


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