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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sure, Rub it in, Oregon!

I like to listen to classical music while I work, and I listen to a webcast from KBPS in Portland, Oregon. Unlike so many classical stations that seem to play Top 40 Classical Hits, KBPS plays a terrific range of music, from early music to early 21st century. They do not play The Meditation from Thais a half dozen times a month!

Only problem is... this time of year, listening to those Portland, OR weather forecasts is really, really painful. Sean Yu and Robert McBride are talking about temps in the upper sixties. Outside my window, I am looking at a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow.

I'm a Yankee, and proud of it. I try not to complain about the weather, especially in winter. You can't cope with winter, you don't belong in New England, right? And everyone knows that March can pack a 1-2 punch. Or a 1-2-3-4...5...6 punch. You roll with it, baby.

But golly, those Portland forecasts sound nice.


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