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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Odd couple

The other night, I had the pleasure of experiencing the most delightful confluence of unlikely TV shows... or maybe the unlikeliest confluence of delightful TV shows.

The Maine PBS station was showing The Red Green Show, which I love. For one thing, it's gloriously dumb, in a silly sort of way. It's got this amazing repertory company of Canadian actors (leading one to suppose there are only a gross or so of actors in Canada, since they all appear in almost everything). And it has The Man's Prayer: "I'm a man... But I can change... If I have to... I guess."

So, ok, that was fun. But (after discovering that TVG was showing poker instead of horseracing, and what in hell was up with THAT?), I flipped past the Style Network, and discovered another guilty pleasure -- The Brini Maxwell Show!

If you don't know Brini... It's unfair to use the words "Martha Stewart" anywhere near Brini. Brini is all about style... from the 1960s. Her clothing, her hair, her make-up, the food, the crafts, the decor, everything is perfect.

I should also point out that Brini is a man. Well, Brini is played by a man. And so gorgeous I could hate him. But the show is a hoot, and could only be made in NYC, where big tough firefighters are not at all nonplussed at being interviewed by a man who makes a truly exquisite woman.

Red Green and Brini Maxwell. Gosh, it was wonderful!


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