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Friday, March 11, 2005

I wonder if Leigh and Leslie Keno would be interested...

Last weekend I did a little pre-spring (spring? what's that?) cleaning. Wedged into one end of my office (a long, narrow room) was an old computer desk. You know the kind, dark particle board grained to look like wood. Weighs a ton. This was indeed an old one -- the structure of it assumes a tractor feed printer.

It used to house my printer (not tractor feed) and my stereo. Besides that, it served to collect stuff. I won't say junk, but a hellacious amount of stuff. And I was tired of it.

So last weekend, I wedged myself into that corner of my office, managed to squirm and twist the old desk around, and with a couple of handy screwdrivers, managed to disassemble it. This thing was so old that it hadn't even required an Allen wrench.

In the process of doing so, however, I had to empty out its various shelves and in doing that, I cam across quite an assortment of old computer peripherals, many of which I could no longer identify. Which old computer did we need the switcher for, and what did it switch to and from? Oh, look, a power pack for a Macintosh Powerbook 110. Or maybe a 140. Cords, cables, disks, mysterious boxes, programs on 5 1/4 inch disks... part of me -- that would be the pack rat part of me -- wondered if they might not be of some interest at some future date. But the very elusiveness of that word "some" convinced me that the right thing to do was to chuck it all.

I just know I'll be kicking myself when Tech Antiques Road Show debuts.


Anonymous Don Sakers said...

And you call yourself a New Englander?

I thought the first rule was "Save it." :)

I've been going through something similar at work. I'm transferring to another library branch, and thus leaving the branch where I've worked for the past 19 years. So I've been cleaning out my desk.

And though Thomas will swear it's not true, I have been throwing out an awful lot of stuff. You have no idea how many peperclips, dead pens, dried-up gluesticks, and now-brittle rubber bands you can squirrel away in nineteen years. Not to mention batteries, special wrenches that only fit the microfilm reader we got rid of in 1991, and floppy discs with old DOS 2.1 programs on them.

I find that I have a particular aversion to throwing out papers, especially things I've written myself. I'm trying to pare it down to the things that are truly creative...which allows me to toss out routine memoes, reports, etc. But there's still a ton of stuff.

Still, your point about Tech Antiques Road Show is a good one. Maybe we'll all be kicking ourselves.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

The actual rule is:
Buy It New
Wear It Out
Make It Do
Then sell it to some unsuspecting flatlander as an antique.

Not to worry, there is still a Kaypro in the attic.

8:55 AM  

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