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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Graceful language

I'm writing an opening letter for our new theatre books catalogue. Or I'm trying to ... it has not been a pretty process.

In the course of attempting to do so, I've found myself thinking about what the pervasiveness of computers in our lives has done to language. And I'm not talking about the usual things -- the truncation of entire words down to a kind of base 2 of single consonants and vowels, or the introduction of new words and phrases to the language.

No, I'm talking about being brought up short when I start to use a phrase like, "when a playwright puts pen to paper." Now, I grant you, it's a stock phrase, a cliche, perhaps, but it has a certain grace to it, and rhythm. But, really, how many playwrights still, in fact, do put pen to paper anymore? So, what do I say? "When a playwright makes words appear on the screen?" Maybe "when a playwright's hands dance across the keyboard," but I don't know, it's not as concise, it's not as neat.

I'll let you know if I come up with anything brilliant.


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