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Friday, March 11, 2005


When a straight man uses that word, you know he really means it.

I went up to Dartmouth-Hitchcock yesterday for an MRI, follow-up to the fractionated radiosurgery I had back in January (crumbs, it still FEELS like January out there!).

Cool new thing -- instead of ear plugs, I was offered headphones and music, so I took those. The classical music they had was a nice range of Mozart. The music didn't block out the noise of the MRI at all, so it was rather like Philip Glass competing with Mozart, and more often than not, Glass won! But it was interesting, and as the MRI was completed, the music was quite wonderfully triumphal. (This is where I could use that dancing banana emoticon.)

Afterwards we beetled over to radiation oncology to meet with Dr. Hartford. He was very pleased with the results -- the tumor is smaller than it was in December, let alone January. After groping for the right word, he described the response to the treatment as "fabulous." We like fabulous. Fabulous is nice.

I go back for another MRI in mid to late April; at that time, we look at the level of response, and put our heads together as to whether to hit it once more with radiation -- just to be good and sure the little bastard doesn't come back again!


Anonymous Don Sakers said...

You go, girl!

Fabulous news indeed.

Tell your body to keep up the good work.

2:52 PM  

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