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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


What a spell of lovely weather we've been having! After an absolutely brutal January, February has been, well, a Valentine. Sure, it's only February, and there will be more snow -- and a lot of it, looks like, starting tomorrow -- but I do think that New Englanders have a capacity for living in and enjoying the moment. Mild winter days like this are such a gift! One can ditch the parka, the mittens, even the hats. Saturday afternoon I was working here at my desk when Melissa infomed me it was 54 degrees outside! That did it, I bolted away from the computer, got Vixen leashed up, and off we went. The South Mill Pond is virtually ice free, and covered with ducks (haven't seen the buffleheads in a few weeks, though). Downtown was crowded with people enjoying the mild weather. It's pretty funny to see folks who obviously don't put seasonal clothes away -- I have seen shorts, t-shirts and, more insanely, flip-flops being worn! Now, my shorts and most of my tees are put away for the warmer months. I was delighted to be wearing nothing heavier than one of the ganseys Melissa has made me. Vixen had a grand time splashing through puddles and becoming a mud-puppy.

It's restorative. It gives you a chance to catch your breath, to deal with the rest of the winter... which is a month shorter than it was, well, a month ago, right? :-)


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