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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wildly Random Musings

I admire Danny's discipline... or maybe it's obsession? -- when it comes to blogging every day. Like him, I started this blog to try to prime the pump for my own "real" writing. To get those muscles back in working order. And stuff -- like life! -- keeps getting in the way!

Last weekend, Don Sakers & Thomas Atkinson came up for a couple of days following Boskone. They're two of our dearest friends; we actually "ran off" to Vermont with them three years ago to get civilly united. Then Melissa's mom came up from Arkansas to help out while Melissa continues to recuperate from her hysterectomy. It's all been very pleasant, but has, I confess, kept me away from the computer.

But here I am, without much substantive to say (hi, Jeff!). So, some things that have crossed my mind, caught my eye, amused or irked me recently.

1. If you enjoy good photography, you must check out Barbara Livingston's website. She's won two Eclipse Awards for photography, and the woman catches shots most of us wouldn't even be able to see, let alone capture on film. It doesn't matter if you're not a horse-lover. If you're in a museum, do you turn away from a Degas because it happens to have horses in it? She is to photography what Stubbs and Munnings were to painting.

2. Speaking of Danny... I feel like I'm getting my minimum daily requirement of political insight, sociological awareness, and pop culture instruction when I read his blog. And sometimes it leaves me feeling the tiniest bit inadequate!

3. Law & Order, the series, of any stripe, seems enamored of this notion that defense attorneys are evil, venal, or else incredibly naive, not to say stupid, and sometimes all of the above. It looks as though the plan for the new series is to have all of the defense attorneys be "ethically challenged." I only hope that the creators of the various series never have a legitimate need for a good defense attorney. What is so wrong with the idea of innocent until proven guilty? I suppose they never knew that John Adams defended one of the accused in the Boston Massacre. That he contended it was of more importance to the community that innocence be protected than it was that guilt should be punished. Good thing he didn't live a hundred years earlier, Cotton Mather would have gotten really medieval on him!

4. I have new insurance this year, and it is probably going to be directly responsible for a spike in my blood pressure. I am very fortunate to have insurance, and in the grand scheme of things, it's damn good insurance. But there have been many hoops to jump through, many errors to be corrected, and I'm about to throw something.

5. It was amusing to see the same story, about J. Paul Reddam purchasing Kentucky Derby hopeful Snack, in both Thoroughbred Times and on the US Trotting Association website. According to the USTA site, Mr. Reddam is a noted owner of Standardbreds, while Thoroughbred Times doesn't see any need to mention that. Know thy audience.

5a. That said, there's at least one sports writer who would point out how unlikely it is that a Triple Crown winner will ever be named Snack. Uh-huh. And Seattle Slew sounds nice, but "slew" meant "swamp."

6. It's not the cold, it's the damp. That's the winter version of "it's not the heat, it's the humidity." I just got back from walking Vixen around town, and it is raw out tonight.

7. Fans of less than stellar hockey teams have taken cold comfort in proclaiming their teams undefeated in the 2004-2005 season.


Anonymous Danny said...

Lisa, I'd say "obsession" covers it more than "discipline." The last two nights I was writing in my blog until 2 am and fell asleep at my computer. At least you still have a functioning relationship! And now I've started carrying a digital camera with me at all times to "service my readers." Heeeelp!

Those Livingston photos are gorgeous (and I am NOT a horse person!).

12:54 PM  

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