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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Signs of shhhhhh.....

It really is ridiculous of anyone who has spent her entire life in New England to be talking about signs of spring in the middle of February. Signs of a February thaw, perhaps.

Joe is talking about his horse coming back to NY from Florida around the second week in March. Just in time for the traditional St. Patrick's Day snowstorm!

A few years ago, Melissa and I had a signing at Jumpgate on Preakness Day, so that would be the third Saurday in May -- and it snowed! No just flurries, we're talking measurable snow that made the folks at the Harley rally down the road very unhappy. That same year, we had measurable snow in mid-October, so that made for, let's see, four snow free months.

I do love New England!

And yet... yesterday, mild as it was, temperatures here in Portsmouth were cooler than in surrounding locales. Why? Because the wind here had turned around and was out of the east. Yes, that's right -- the first seabreeze of the year.

And now that my backyard has lost most of its blanket of snow, I can see many daffodil tips, grown a good inch or two. No signs of the chionodoxa yet, but they'll be along, overtake, and pass the daffs in good order. In a month, maybe less, they'll actually be in bloom while the daffodils are still growing.


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