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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Been meaning to write on this for a week or so now.

After my last treatment up at Dartmouth-Hitchcock last week, I met with my radiation oncologist up there to go over what's next, which, basically, will be the first of many follow-up MRIs, starting in late February.

As I think I have mentioned in this blog, I feel so much more confident this time about the results than I did last time. Last time, last spring, I was plumb wore out I guess from the chemo, surgery, and chest radiation. But also -- I was thinking of things in the wrong way.

To wit: Dr. Hartford was talking about the fact that breast cancer responds very very well to radiation (i.e., radiation is extremely effective against it). Part of my mistake was referring to this pesky little hangover as a brain tumor.

No, no, no. Brain tumors do not respond as well to radiation. They are biologically, chemically, pathologically a whole nother critter. Therefore, it is absolutely key for me to refer to this little hangover as "breast cancer." A lesion in the brain, to be sure, but NOT a brain tumor.

I wish I were a knowledgeable gardening writer, I imagine fantastic insights -- or at least clever ones -- could be drawn on the topic of the nomenclature of cancer and of growing plants.

No more being careless with words. You'd think, in my professions, I would know that, wouldn't you? But it's so interesting when something like this really, truly, brings home the power, physical and real, of words.


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