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Friday, February 04, 2005

Like a Ferrari to the grocery store

At the end of December, my dear old Bondi Blue, first gen iMac gave up the ghost. I think it can be repaired, and if so, I intend to get it repaired, as we have always wanted to have a hub in the kitchen where we can keep recipes, and this would be the most practical way to do that. But when the little old iMac died, I was in a position to buy a spiffing new one. Not top of the line, but not an eMac, either. So I have one of these super-elegant "Where Did The Computer Go?" iMac G5. I absolutely love it... and I feel more than a little guilty owning it.

As I've said elsewhere in this blog, I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately. So I feel as though this lovely, powerful computer is not being put through its paces fairly. I post here. I update the website (no, really, I do...). I read my friend Danny Miller's blog -- he's as big a Mac fan as I am. I administer the discussion board for Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing. I research and order seeds and plants. I plan trips. I locate bargains (woo-hoo, those mocs from Lands' End are on serious sale right now!). I check out my friend Barbara Livingston's amazing photography (

But I do feel it's like taking a Ferrari to the grocery store. And I know whereof I speak, sort of. We have a neighbor across the street who has a Ferrari. And he does drive it to the grocery store, or just around the neighborhood. A Ferrari is not meant to go 20 mph. It's an insult to the Ferrari. So much so that when the Ferrari returns to a state of rest, it lets of an indignant fart of disdain. "Milk? You got me out to go for a half gallon of milk, and not even whole milk, but part-skim? Fah!"

So, to my iMac, I'm sorry. I promise, I'll turn you loose some day soon. And we'll see some great places together.


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