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Saturday, January 22, 2005

On the Fly

So, ok, I went up to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for a mapping MRI last Tuesday, for the planned stereotactic radiosurgery on Thursday.

Turns out the damn tumor had grown 3 mm in 5 weeks! So, change of plan: fractionated radiosurgery, five treatments for the full dose of 20 grays.

I feel absolutely confident. The karma has been very positive. One, we caught the damn thing. Two, as it turned out, there was an open time slot in the sim lab, needed to get the measurements for the radiosurgery, right then as we were meeting with my radiation oncologist. And we were able to start the fractionated treatments on Thursday. The other thing is that if this little expletive deleted grew 3 mm in five weeks, then it's pretty fast growing, and cancer treatments preferentially attack the fastest growing cells. So, imagine if you will a spindly tomato plant, damping off.

This fucker is OUTTA HERE!!

This being January in New England, the weather always adds an interesting fillip. Besides the extreme cold, now we're looking at a major snowstorm which is supposed to drop a foot or more of snow on us tonight into tomorrow. Which means instead of going back up there tomorrow for Monday's treatment, we have to go back up today. Laundry gets done really fast, the dog goes back to the Bark & Run (we call it that because that's what she gets to do out there), and we grab some groceries, since our hotel room as a kitchen and no way are we driving out to dinner tonight!

All in all, quite an adventure.

We're calling it Vacation with Fractionated Radiosurgery. After my first treatment, we had lunch at Simon Pearce; we had a table overlooking the spillway of the dam that powers (or powered) the old mill, and it was quite spectacular, with all the ice. Then we went to the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences to see their raptor enclosures. Absolutely magnificent! The birds in the enclosures have all been injured in some way that makes their return to the wild impossible. It was a privilege to see them up relatively close.

Over the next few days, when the snow winds down, we're hoping to get to the Shaker Museum, the Montshire Museum of Science and of course, that vital spot, Ben & Jerry's. It has been postulated that Ben & Jerry's is efficacious in treating the full range of female health issues. I have little doubt it is an effective adjuvant therapy in breast cancer treatment! :-)


Blogger Danny said...

Lisa, sending tons of good energy your way as you deal with getting rid of that thing! Sorry we won't be seeing you at Heinemann. I'm heading eastward in a few hours. Remind me again why I'm voluntarily leaving 75 degrees for Arctic temperatures and a major blizzard?

Let us know what's going on, and enjoy Ben & Jerry's, the perfect restorative!

9:18 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks, Danny! Glad you ended up not having to come east.

We ended up not going to Ben & Jerry's but we did go to the Cabot Creamery Annex -- both of us like cheese better than ice cream, anyway. And lunch at Simon Pearce was so restorative. You and Kendall must try it next time you're out this way!

5:21 PM  
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