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Friday, January 07, 2005

Not a New Year's Resolution

This wasn't something I intended to do. It was not on my short list of new year's resolutions. But somehow, a bunch of things came together, there was synchronicity in the spheres or serendipity was cultivated, and here I am.

My colleague Danny Miller said something in his blog that got me thinking. He says his blog is helping him get back to his own writing. Well, boy howdy, could I use some of that. Something has to prime the pump. It's not that I'm facing writer's block, it's just it seems as though my imagination has gone into hiding. Not that I can blame it! Two years of dealing with breast cancer and the single (thank god!) brain metastasis would seem to be ample cause for ANYTHING to go into hiding. So maybe this blog will help coax it out of hiding. Not so much blogging as therapy as blogging as exercise for muscles long unused.

Of course, as I think about it, to some extent, I am mighty grateful that my imagination ducked and covered. I certainly did not need my imagination running rampant when I was going through treatment. Inflammatory breast cancer is scary enough without a writer's imagination poking into its dark corners to see what might -- might - be lurking there.

It needs to know it's safe to come out now. I need to know it's safe for it to come out now.


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