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Friday, January 28, 2005

Next up ...

Well, we're back from Dartmouth. We drove up last Saturday to get ahead of the storm, which we did, very nicely, thank you. The snow started just as we were coming out of the Food Coop with dinner supplies (we had already been to the liquor store). So we holed up all day on Sunday with books and the Australian Open. We only got about 10 inches up there.

Monday morning, the day of my third treatment, dawned with a temperature of 21 degrees below zero. Without the windchill. We basically stayed around the Lebanon area, had lunch at the Seven Barrells Brewpub, always a pleasure.

I discovered, too, that the editorial summit I was missing was cancelled due to the blizzard.

Tuesday we headed up towards Stowe, and stopped at the Cabot Creamery Annex. Stocked up on interesting flavors of their cheeses that we haven't seen down here yet, and also picked up a large jug of a local maple ale. There seems to be a beer theme going here, doesn't there? Then we decided we really wanted lunch at Simon Pearce again, so we forewent Ben & Jerry's for the restorative sun, warmth, and beauty of the restaurant and its food. There's just something very soothing about sitting there on a quiet weekday afternoon, no one rushing you, enjoying the play of the sun on the ice below and the tumbling of the spillway.

Wednesday was the final treatment, and we headed home, in a small, niggling snowstorm. They key to successful winter driving is to take it slow and steady, which is what we did. 45-50 on the one clear lane on I-89 was more than sufficient, as was evidenced by the people who passed us... and whom we then passed after they spun out! And it took a deal of effort to drive that badly in a snow that wasn't even accumulating. It took us an hour longer to get home than usual. It took those folks a lot longer.

It's great being home. And I was blown away to get home and realize that my friend Eric had been by and had dug out our back walk! That's above and beyond, my friends.

Vixen came back from the Bark & Run rather hoarse.

So, what's next? My partner's hysterectomy this coming Monday! Do we know how to have fun, or what?


Blogger Danny said...

Lisa, if memory serves, isn't Stowe, VT also the home of the Von Trapp family ski lodge? Is there "Sound of Music" memorabilia everywhere or is Vermont classy enough (unlike southern California) not to turn everything into touristy kitsch? I am so ready to go to Cabot Creamery and Simon Pearce, I've already looked up both sites! (Maple ale? I want some NOW! And what flavor were those cheeses? You need to start a food--and gardening--blog, you have much to teach the uninitiated!) Hmm, I do have one author in Vermont...

Hope it warms up over there. And good luck to Melissa for tomorrow.

9:40 AM  
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