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Saturday, January 29, 2005


While it got colder last night than it was predicted to -- it was -2 at 8:30 this morning! -- today, temps reached the mid-30s this afternoon. And that was just enough inspiration to order my first seeds of the year!

I missed last year's growing season with the brain lesion (which, if you will recall, was a sanctuary site metastasis of the original breast cancer, NOT a brain tumor), and I am determined not to miss this year's. I'll be ordering a couple of different kinds of basil for pesto. I'm trying a mini-cabbage at my partner's behest, which will luckily take up less room than last year's volunteeer mini-pumpkin! Hopefully the new Hidcote lavenders I planted last year are enjoying the blanket of snow and will come back better than ever. And I'm getting more flowers in -- cosmos, a new mallow, and nasturtiums.

I've no idea what the early spring garden will look like, except that there will be chionodoxa, since there always are. But I didn't get any tulips in last fall, so this year might be a good chance to start re-arranging things. You have to realize -- the whole garden is 5 feet wide and 25 feet long! A challenge, to be sure, and much smaller than the "small gardens" discussed in magazines. Hah, Roger Swain, you think THAT'S a small garden?? Come on in and help me design this one.

Part of me would like to get a designer in, I don't know whether it would be as grand as a "landscape architect" or simply a real honest to goodness gardener who knows a lot more than I do about putting plants together. It'd be fun to see what an outside eye could suggest.


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