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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ice, Ice, Baby

That's what it was like here this week, when snow was followed by snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Thank heavens, this year, we actually had a January thaw -- it was Friday morning -- and virtually all of the mess has melted and gone away. A win win situation, really -- we don't find ourselves facing a snow drought, but Vixen and I are also able to get out for long walks. For the record, Vixen likes powder, but hates the crusty stuff as she is just heavy enough to break through it, but light enough that it takes a second or two, and she finds that disconcerting. However, the crusty stuff is enjoyable for digging.

What I enjoy about having no snow on the ground is that it's so much easier to hear things, especially things like the hiss of oak leaves still clinging to branches. Bird calls travel more clearly over bare ground. There was a great article in the Boston Globe some years back that called December the time to hear "what the earth is saying," because we usually don't get snow, substantial snow, til January. So far this winter we've had a few decent snows, but we've also had periods in between of warmer weather that lets us start over again.

Oh, and I have spotted a pair of buffleheads on the Mill Pond, a sure sign that January is here.


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