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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dog as Ink Blot

Vixen is a kind of Rorchach test of a dog. She's a mixed breed, and people who stop and ask what kind she is almost invariably see whatever dog they own in her. Sheltie -- yes, we're pretty sure of that. We also think there is some whippet in her. Other guesses have been Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog, Corgi (facially, she looks a lot like my friend Maura's Corgi, Maggie), Lab (!), Toller, Canaan Hound, shepherds of various kinds. She is really a kind of Ur-dog. It's clear that neither of her parents were pure breed anythings... so I have to wonder why her original owners had her dewclaws removed. I can't imagine they were going to use her as a sporting dog, and I can't think why else they would have done it. Like so much about Vixen, it's a mystery.

She really is a very doggy dog. Type-y, as they say. For a mutt.


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